3 cheers for munster quark

A download—the cosmos

A few drops of water

A prison of things

Citrus Smile


Confirmation bias

The curse (that was many times worse)

Curvature’s bell

The dunbar number

The Fable

Freestylin’ arabesque

The infernal kitchen machine


Karmin and Rihanna

Knives and shame

Life forgotten

Lives transliterated

Luggage dog

The metaphor that is us

Mona Lisa on facebook or the 2-minute chapel

Moving pictures


Poem to a twin

Roman trumpets and horns

The second take

The thing divided

This figure

To flip or not to flip

The week in a day

When we forgot how to sing

Wolf in the Flow

The words that are not my own


Should I put everything that starts with “The”, on the letter “T” or the letter and word after the “The”?
What do my honorable and dignified readers say about the matter? I’m sure you’ve got some idea about what works best, from a readers perspective.

Let your voice be heard

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