The second take

comedy-tragedy mask

(First as a tragedy, then as a farce, and then, finally, in the end, as a life.)

The second take

The false take—
a chance or choice
to do it all over
more than just once.

…and to get it
exaclty right.
(or even make it…
the tiniest bit of wrong…
as can be sometimes…
jsut as wright.)

The false beginning…
or the missing (second) ending.
Which one to choose
as the start
or an end.
This downfall
that doesn’t just fall
and isn’t even
no, not really

moving with…
a mark of questions
so cleverly curved
but always nearly pointing just up.

The second finish
for and to a second

again..that can that be that bad…
even maybe a third one…
that is made even
more straight…
standing tall-like
as a sky
over city
and the land.
with a parchment
held in hand
written all out
—it’s these few remaining words
that we once spoke of as life.

spoken so softly…
only once—
but (yet) almost
and lived through
more than just once.

twice or once…
to live them
and yet a second
to feel them.

even one more third,
—and still—
to also both BE and to LIVE them.


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