A prison of things

A prison of things

that i (we/me) do-do—
Every-thing that i try—
it always…just…was folded into
Something’s stuck.
(Please…watch out!)
just being here… in a place.
So try-try it again.
only just…to… do-do the same.
A pattern…larger…
pulled out… & all over… this place.
into one’s self… or just outside—someones space?
only pieces and puzzles
of the whole
and the same little self.

If only i wanted a way
from these chains.
But all things was changed to
be as those chains..
just when I touched it.
yet—even more chains.
should i be on my own…
chained to the lonely…?

but never even trying…?
cos how can you even try it..
when every attempt…
moves it all further
form the start.


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