Roman trumpets and horns


Roman trumpets and horns

All the bells and the trumpets
almost of like elephant horns,
now with the sound of a nest
full of wasps…
a circus-like shape
in a spectacle, almost too roman…
where every dressed-up little soldier
might heal or might kill—
depending on our badges.
One of them stepping away now..
the other one steadily marching
always a tiny step closer
towards the center.
As if… to give out roar
for every person observing,
with a funeral selfie,
at the time closest to death.
Just when the crowds will make calls
and a head will be slam-dunked
to the ground
——————at the sound
of all trumpets.
——————–Many arms… now twisted
———————-into a ring
of so many terrors
————————and errors
all.. unbelievably
and daily.


Mona Lisa on facebook or the 2-minute chapel


Mona Lisa on facebook or the 2-minute chapel


If Michelangelo had all this technology,
then would he ever have completed
that heavenly ceiling?
Or just settled for less?
Drawing two-minute pictures
on youtube,
shouting “yolo” and “yo, bro”,
to an army of 4-chan nerds..
I’m sure that a scribble on instagram
would’ve been appreciated,
by some kawaii k-pop girl,
when it looked like hello kitty,
and had a mouth
like that of a bird.