Karmin and Rihanna

coffee cup01

Karmin and Rihanna

I think I drank 2 much coffee.
And Now i feel just like Karmin.
Double speeded. And torn in half.
I read some more words here on wordpress…
all Completed by the tragical chorus
of Rihanna’s digital song.
Multitasking. Or never not
tasking at all.
All of it put (back up) on a scroll.
2b and To do: mucho mucho later.
The que of the present
put back in the future.
many moments and dayz
all now waiting for each other.
Each little word,
spoken, chanted, sung or written,
is and shall almost now be
as if another word
in that terrifying chorus.
The verse is (and the verse must sing)
always some small part of our lives.

I think i hava had
toooooooo2222 much coffee
for desert.
Now i can see n feel
the world slipping by
as if an underpaid overworked speeded up down
up and about in stop-and-slow-motion.


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