Citrus Smile

Citrus smile

A laughter, a smile,
that is only slightly
bent out of shape.
Maybe if only…
to hold onto
the things that sadness itself
can never quite reach.

Just in between
every sorrow and heartbreak and wonder.
Halfway to crying,
the other part
wishing so hard
to see all of this beauty.

Turned round a corner
for not one style
was ever big enought
to represent
this single one life.

A song & tongue
slightly torn out of shape,
wanting to sing
in between all of the lines
things that squares can never quite grasp
with their
scar-covered elbows and knee-jerking

See—a face all too lemonade-smiled.

Just how beautiful
something must be…
when it can
just almost be happy
with all of this sadness.



      • Only re-post someone else’s work if you really think it is worth it. It is a form of great compliment as well as encouragement. But it does no good to do it if it isn’t something you wouldn’t have wanted to write yourself.
        I usually follow that precept myself but often find a poet who has potential like yourself and needs to know that there are people out there that can appreciate that. >KB

    • Thank you for reblogging my poem. That was really kind.
      I’m sorry I’ve not responded sooner. Because I’ve not been anywhere near wordpress for the past 7 days. If I had known, I’d tried to respond sooner. I was starting to think that no one would be interested in anything that I do. Now I am so sorry that I feel like I can’t keep bloggin for the exact opposite reason than I first thought. I hope I can find another way to make things work. But I’m not exactly sure what. Once again, thank you.

      • You’re welcome! No hard feelings…I felt the same way (and sometimes still do).
        I see you have been receiving advice lol but when you said “I was starting to think that no one would be interested in anything that I do” it brings up memories from not long ago at all.

        The way that I found people to care was actually completely unexpected to me; some fell in my lap while others I got them myself.

        What I mean is that I went out and searched for bloggers. I commented, liked, and followed their blogs which has brought a lot of love back to me. That is my advice to you because there are so many bloggers who love writing and especially reading poetry.

        Sorry for the advice if it was unwanted but it is definitely something that I wish that I knew sooner.

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