Moving pictures

Cinemagraph - People by water (

Moving pictures 

First as a picture
yet still again..
a scene of a movie.
It was one of those
held up in time.
A hand, on the trigger,
a foot, two steps,
people (like me)
who don’t know
how to say what they want,
or even just to decide to make up their own mind.
Like: In which direction…?
Where…is… this moment heading?
Folded back to itself
Or: reaching just out.
Both as a moment
and always.
Each one clinging
a bit too long to the other.
A moment..a minute…
so stuck…..
and yet so endlessly moving.
—In and through every moment.
Around the same little point.
As if.
Like it’s only it-self,
that it’s moving around,
in an infinite order
of so many many other
all too similar
(and yet endlessly distant)
little tiny moments.
Each one… a wave,
on a seabed… forever covered with pictures,
and movements almost like movies…
all so very still,
and yet always
so unbelievably moving.

Cinemagraph - Couple by fountain (


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