I made this blog so that I could share some of my poems, and texts, and some small parts of myself, and maybe even connect with other people of similar interests. I’ve been into poetry for a long time and decided to I should get it out there. I would be so incredibly glad if you were to follow me along on my path, of self-discovery and self-expression (even if only for a few small quiet steps along the way).

Anyways… It was really nice to see you stop by. I truly hope you enjoyed your stay. Don’t ever feel uncertain or hesitate, to make a response and have your say. Because You are of value. Yes. You. Even important and valued. Even needed. And appretiated. Just the way that you are. And just as only you as yourself can ever be. There’s noone like yourself. There’s only ever one of you, and only one of me. And only one of US.

We (all the little people…. people like you and me) should make our voices heard, and speak out our words, with courage and strength. Just as we are. Just as it is. And just as YOU are. So don’t ever think you have to hold it all back. Just Go ahead, be true to what you are, speak you mind, and have your say.

feather and heart


  1. Thanks for visiting my online writing studio, and for reading and reacting to If I slam the damn door.

    I read your first post and read it quickly, as it was a rap song, and I believe you caught the distinction of two and one very nicely. I liked the wordplay especially.


    • (TT4R hinted at a comment I had made on his blog (about machines vs humans and technology).
      When I read this comment I had slept too little. I got afraid that the things I was writing could be used for the creation of artificial intelligence (teaching computers how to use language). The things you think when you’re tired. I realized that sometimes when I am tired I might become more “machine” like. Scary stuff. Maybe I shouldn’t post anything when I am tired.
      Anyway, it was so great to see you stop by. (even if a bit unsettling to being thought of as a robot.. 😉 ).

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