The dunbar number


Dunbar’s number

Six degrees or —endless separation—of—
[please insert your favorite person here]
People have been counting on people.
Some of those thinkers (and labcoats)
may have discovered a thing or four.
That…The optimal number of friends
and people in a personal space,
is between 150-250 heads (and/or faces).
That’s how many people you could name,
and even know —deep in your heart of hearts—
that you might actually know them
(even if only one tiny bit).
And when the crowds keeps on growing
over this number of Dunbar,
a constant fog of the brain
or the heart might start to set in,
with endless pollution and confusion:
—moments and lifetimes stolen away
from our closest of friends.

Thought it might seem…to be…
like some people will only need one.
A BFF (gadget) constantly glued to their face.
(Just as they’re getting in line).
A shiny plastic device
that has made it so ordered and even…
much above and beyond
this lonely mysterious number
that is we and ourselves.

Oh, and I meant to link to this but I forgot. It goes along so well with what I had written.

Old Friends


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