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Citrus Smile (Are you happy or are you sad…? Or maybe even a little bit of both. Or maybe even a lot.)

When we forgot how to sing (The song in our hearts, that was replaced and overpowered, by the chaos and noise and the pain in this world.)

Mona Lisa on facebook, or the 2-minute chapel (Who says poetry and comedy doesn’t go together. Hmm?)

This figure (A tragic figure, who gets more and more broken and messed up, the more he tries to fix in his life.)

Luggage dog (Humor + animated dog pics + poetry? Instant generation x-y-z success!)

Roman trumpets and horns (The military-industrial-political-entertainment spectacle of an empire about to meet its own end.)

The week in a day (What if monday was the only day of the week? What then? Would you sleep.. or would you study-slash-work forever and ever, in an endless cycle of life?)

The curse (that was many times worse) (What if it was really the words, that was the curse?)

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