Luggage dog _ 2014 _ 07 _ 01 _ tiny-dog-pulling-heavy-luggage-airport _ [['' _ '' equals slash]]

Luggage dog

Luggage dog is a-rolling
down the floor…
with people’s luggage
tied to his collar.
Just a few more seconds
before the airplane
lifts off the ground.
Will luggage dog
make it…
and arrive
before it departs?
Or will some crying people
take off…..
without their dog
and a bag?
A lonely dog….
getting ready for bording,
or maybe sneaking onto
the next plane.
With a party bag
that is filled—-to the brim—
with his most favorite scooby snacks.

Mona Lisa on facebook or the 2-minute chapel


Mona Lisa on facebook or the 2-minute chapel


If Michelangelo had all this technology,
then would he ever have completed
that heavenly ceiling?
Or just settled for less?
Drawing two-minute pictures
on youtube,
shouting “yolo” and “yo, bro”,
to an army of 4-chan nerds..
I’m sure that a scribble on instagram
would’ve been appreciated,
by some kawaii k-pop girl,
when it looked like hello kitty,
and had a mouth
like that of a bird.