Life forgotten

A Life forgotten

Like, moving,
just doin your thang,
when from out of your left field, just
how somethin-somethin would BE…
only once ever seeeen—
like WHOA
so stunned by the .
(*words like leaves falling*)
Nothing n/ever really known
when i just
i counted it double.
So as.. to… say?
When things must have been
more than ones…
it’s like it might never
have been.
(not even just this once)

so i would—or i could…
totally return there here there
go back once again.
if only i wasn’t so
gloriosuly blind.
or if (nothing(nothing)) else {
as if a life
forever forgotten
could’ve been had
more than once.
(in just one single moment…);


yeah like i should totally
go back there… again…
if only i wasn’t so glued
to this double.
forsaken. (so many things)
mistaken. (they&myself)
4 this here one life.


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