Poem to a twin

Poem to a twin

They say you have
a broken mirror in your hand.
I’m so afraid what you might do.
But even more afraid
of the many things that you wont.
They say that the
pieces of the mirror,
was your way to increase
your broken options…
As if to give you more than one way
to know where you were.
It was the hand of a twin
in the mirror,
and it was trying so hard
to break through.
I saw the path of your arm
in the mirror…
and it was all reaching
right back to your place.
You knew something was there,
in your heart,
forever, never beating.
But ALWAYS banging,
on the glass of a mirror,
a broken-eyed life.
Reaching out like your fingers

from the dirt in your hand.
Braided out, almost like rivers.
A tiny tear made of blue…
in the darkest windows.
I saw the many cuts in your vision.
It was a lifeline
divided in two.


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