The thing divided

A thing divided

At First,
someone wished to create it.
Then—things would quickly turn sour.
Every place, and every name,
was to be divided into others.
Even the hand…
would be going from just one number,
up until five.—
Then every part and every cell,
had to be doing it
& yet all over.
one point had turned into trillions—
from deserts and stars… shaped into heartbeats and eyes…
always whispering of another
little way.
And as they grew and (x*y times) doubled,
things started clashing together, &apart
into seasons and strife.
Hunger, confusion and aging,
all made them sour…
against one another.

To hold up just
one tiny shard
above all the others,
half had to be slaughtered,
while the others turned grey.



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