Cosmos ( - creation of chaos)

Chaos and order

Chaos is only as distant
as this single one moment (and no more than three).
That’s why each little chaos…collided…
is now.. the only one thing
that could ever bring out a sense
to all of this chaos.
an atomic explosion so strangely—
might bloom into shape…
like DNA flowers (daisy chains) embracing all order…
and always ever more ties
and even more trees to that order.
Until each and every
little motion…
Can shake forth an order,
just as it shakes things to chaos.
For—Not even one, and not a thing,
shall ever fool that ancient chaos.
Not even—CHAOS—itself.
So just as one little… tiny spoonful of chaos…
will kick things in order…
And then….
almost at once…
give way to aging…
and an end to itself.
(Or even just—to hold—or to even let go—
this ever-expanding of strangeness
into an ever-still greater of orders.)
So real—like a hug—with a space for
always a little more of some disorder,
and yet hopelessly always…
a branching-out edge… for so many smaller-sized orders.


Order and chaos (Fiona Taylor) IMG_7544

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