Citrus Smile

Citrus smile

A laughter, a smile,
that is only slightly
bent out of shape.
Maybe if only…
to hold onto
the things that sadness itself
can never quite reach.

Just in between
every sorrow and heartbreak and wonder.
Halfway to crying,
the other part
wishing so hard
to see all of this beauty.

Turned round a corner
for not one style
was ever big enought
to represent
this single one life.

A song & tongue
slightly torn out of shape,
wanting to sing
in between all of the lines
things that squares can never quite grasp
with their
scar-covered elbows and knee-jerking

See—a face all too lemonade-smiled.

Just how beautiful
something must be…
when it can
just almost be happy
with all of this sadness.